Build a Shopify Print on Demand Business

Learn How to Build a Print on Demand Shopify Dropshipping Business from Scratch, Following a 6 Figure Entrepreneur !

Take this Course for $120
What you’ll learn ?
  • Build your very own Shopify Store
  • Add awesome Apps to your Store
  • Link a Domain and Email to Shopify
  • Learn some Key Tips to Choosing a Niche
  • Prepare all Shopify Settings Correctly
  • Find and Install Awesome Free and Paid Shopify Themes
  • Add a Checkout Countdown Timer
  • Add an Instagram Feed to your Store
  • Set Up Email Marketing and Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Set Up Messenger Marketing and Messenger Recovery Campaigns
  • Improve Your Store Conversion Rate
  • Learn How to Source Graphics and Designs for Your Products
  • Set Up Collections and Drop Down Menus
  • Learn How to Launch Facebook Ads
  • Find Out How to Further Monetise Your New Skills
Requirements :
  • Know how to use a Mac or PC
  • A good internet connection
Who this course is for ?

  • This course is designed for people who want to start an online business
  • This course is ideal for Digital Nomads
  • People who want to build a Business to suit their Lifestyle would enjoy this course
  • People who have never started an Online Business
  • Those who want to start a Business with little-to-no startup capital required
  • Any graphic designers and artists that want to sell their work without spending a lot of time on running a business
  • Run and manage your online business from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection

Course Curriculum

1. Welcome Message.mp4
2. Introduction to the Course, Your Instructor and Whats Possible.mp4
3. Free eBook Download- Video Instructions.mp4
1. Introduction to E-Commerce.mp4
2. Introduction to Print on Demand.mp4
3. Why Use Print on Demand.mp4
4. Products You Can Print On.mp4
5. Explanation of Print on Demand in this Course.mp4
6. Explanation of Course Teaching Style.mp4
7. Teaching Style Continued.mp4
8. Explanation of Course Structure.mp4
1. Free Research Tools for Theme Niche Selection.mp4
2. Choosing a Theme Niche Angle.mp4
3. Domain Name and Brand Name Brainstorm.mp4
1. Cashback Extension to Save Money.mp4
2. Registering a Domain Name.mp4
3. Domain Name Continued.mp4
4. Registering an Email Address.mp4
5. Shopify 14 Day Free Trial.mp4
6. Linking the Domain with Shopify.mp4
1. General Settings.mp4
2. Payment Gateways.mp4
3. Checkout.mp4
4. Getting Your Store Password.mp4
5. GDPR Updates (May 2018)
1. Adding the Necessary Pages.mp4
2. Contact Us Page.mp4
3. Setting up Basic Navigation.mp4
1. Free vs Premium Themes.mp4
2. Adding a Mock Product.mp4
3. Overview of Editing Your Shopify Store Theme.mp4
4. Resources for Graphics.mp4
5. Editing the Theme Step by Step.mp4
6. Spying on Hex Codes.mp4
7. Add to Cart Button Colour.mp4
8. Social Media Channel Linking.mp4
1. Installing the App.mp4
2. Setting up Aftership.mp4
3. Linking Aftership to Klaviyo.mp4
1. Introduction to Email Marketing.mp4
2. Introduction to Lead Capture.mp4
3. Introduction to Exit Intent.mp4
4. Introduction to Abandoned Cart Recovery.mp4
5. Recart App.mp4
6. Wheelio App.mp4
7. Recart Abandoned Cart Email.mp4
8. Setting up Abandoned Cart Flows with Klaviyo.mp4
1. A Recap of What Weve Done so Far.mp4
2. Lets Look at Whats Coming Up.mp4
1. Importance of Data.mp4
2. Adding Google Analytics.mp4
3. Setting up a Facebook Pixel.mp4
1. Conversion Rate Introduction and Explanation.mp4
2. Adding Product Page Trust Seals.mp4
3. Editing Store Language.mp4
4. Address Auto-Complete.mp4
5. Checkout Timer and Trust Seals.mp4
6. Checkout Code for Copy and Pasting
5.1 paypal-verified-2.png
1. Introduction to Print on Demand Services.mp4
2. Overview of this Section.mp4
3. Printful.mp4
4. Printful Sign Up and Integration.mp4
5. Printify.mp4
6. Printify Sign Up and Integration.mp4
7. Pillow Profits.mp4
8. Pillow Profits Installation.mp4
9. Ink Threadable.mp4
10. CustomCat.mp4
11. Custom Cat Sign Up and Integration.mp4
12. ViralStyle.mp4
13. Gooten.mp4
14. All Over Print.mp4
1. Shipping Discussion.mp4
1. Designing by Yourself.mp4
2. Buying Designs.mp4
3. Outsourcing Design.mp4
4. The Route Ill be Taking with this Print on Demand Store.mp4
1. Print on Demand Service Differences.mp4
2. Adding Products with Printful (Canvas Wall Art).mp4
3. Adding Products with Printful (Mugs).mp4
4. Adding Products with Printify.mp4
5. Adding Products with CustomCat.mp4
6. Setting up Collections.mp4
7. Setting up a Drop-Down Menu.mp4
8. Creating Unique Product Photos.mp4
1. Deleting Mock Product.mp4
2. Picking a Shopify Plan.mp4
3. Checking Everthing Works.mp4
1. Social Media.mp4
2. Sales Channels.mp4
3. Reddit Threads.mp4
4. Facebook Communities.mp4
1. Different Paid Traffic Sources.mp4
2. Introduction to Facebook Ads.mp4
3. Creating Mock Ups for Facebook Ads.mp4
4. Launching Facebook Ads Part 1 The Ad Set.mp4
5. Launching Facebook Ads Part 2 The Creative.mp4
6. Launching Retargeting Ads with Facebook Product Catalogue Ads.mp4
1. Make Money Building and Selling Shopify Stores.mp4
2. I Sold a New Site.mp4
3. Student Site Sale Result.mp4
1. Free 7 Hour Clickfunnels and Shopify Training.mp4
2. Student Results Shopify Screenshots.mp4

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