English Grammar Launch: Upgrade your speaking

Learn English grammar through lectures and listening and speaking practice, so you can confidently speak English !

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What you’ll learn ?

  • Speak English more confidently.
  • Better understand spoken English.
  • Have a deeper knowledge of the structure of English grammar.
  • Produce the target structures confidently and accurately.

Requirements :

  • A pre-intermediate to intermediate level of English.
  • A desire to improve your English through practice.
  • h to the next level.

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction.mp4
1. Had better (Learn).mp4
2. Had better (Things to Note).mp4
3. Had better speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. Had better listening practice (Master).mp4
1. Enough and too (Learn).mp4
2. Enough and too (Things to Note).mp4
3. Enough and too speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. Enough and too listening practice (Master).mp4
1. So and such (Learn).mp4
2. So and such (Things to Note).mp4
3. So and such speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. So and such listening practice (Master).mp4
1. Used to (Learn).mp4
2. Used to (Things to Note).mp4
3. Used to speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. Used to listening practice (Master).mp4
1. Present continuous (Learn).mp4
2. Present continuous (Things to Note).mp4
3. Present continuous speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. Present continuous listening practice (Master).mp4
1. Present simple (Learn).mp4
2. Present simple (Things to Note).mp4
3. Present simple speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. Present simple listening practice (Master).mp4
1. Past simple (Learn).mp4
2. Past simple (Things to Note).mp4
3. Past simple speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. Past simple listening practice (Master).mp4
1. Present perfect (Learn).mp4
2. Present perfect (Things to Note).mp4
3. Present perfect speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. Present perfect listening practice (Master).mp4
1. Going to (Learn).mp4
2. Going to (Things to Note).mp4
3. Going to speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. Going to listening practice (Master).mp4
1. Will (Learn).mp4
2. Will (Things to Note).mp4
3. Will speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. Will listening practice (Master).mp4
1. Relative clauses (Learn).mp4
2. Relative clauses (Things to Note).mp4
3. Relative clauses speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. Relative clauses listening practice (Master).mp4
1. Verb -ing (Learn).mp4
2. Verb -ing (Things to Note).mp4
3. Verb -ing speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. Verb -ing listening practice (Master).mp4
1. Both, neither and either (Learn).mp4
2. Both, neither and either (Things to Note).mp4
3. Both, neither and either speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. Both, neither and either listening practice (Master).mp4
1. Even (Learn).mp4
2. Even (Things to Note).mp4
3. Even speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. Even listening practice (Master).mp4
1. Phrasal verbs with in and out (Learn).mp4
2. Phrasal verbs with in and out (Things to Note).mp4
3. Phrasal verbs with in and out speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. Phrasal verbs with in and out listening practice (Master).mp4
1. Must (Learn).mp4
2. Must (Things to Note).mp4
3. Must speaking practice (Master).mp4
4. Must listening practice (Master).mp4

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