Facebook / Instagram Advertising Course

how to design, launch, and manage successful Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger ad campaigns

  • Develop the full range of skills to launch and manage Facebook Ads like a Pro
  • Target specific Facebook users using demographics, interests, and geography
  • Use advanced features of Facebook Advertising like lead ads and app install ads
  • Employ pixel and event tracking with your Facebook Ads for website and mobile app retargeting
  • Create custom and lookalike audiences for Facebook using external data (e.g. MailChimp, an email list, or a CRM system)
  • Build both a Facebook product feed and a Facebook product catalog
  • You will need to have (or be able to create) a Facebook Business page.
  • You’ll need to have the ability to re-size photos or have access to someone who can.
Whether you’re a corporate marketer seeking to become a better Facebook for Business ads manager, a small business owner wanting to leverage Facebook or Instagram more successfully, or any other professional looking to expand your influence through Facebook for Business advertising, this course is for you. And when you finish 100% of the course, you’re eligible to receive a custom, hosted, verifiable Facebook for Business 2019 Certificate

Facebook for Business Advertising – The Underutilized “Secret Weapon” of Modern Business
Despite what most people think, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger ads are not just about making sales. Facebook for Business is a powerful way to communicate with hyper-targeted groups of people. You can use Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger ads for community building, employee recruiting, public relations, event promotion, and of course, selling your products and services.

1. Instagram Hits a Billion The 2019 (Version 2) Course Trailer.mp4
2. Meet Your Instructor and Get an Overview of Your Learning Experience.mp4
3. Who Can You Reach with Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Ads.mp4
4. Complete this Course and Earn Your Facebook Instagram Ads 2019 Certificate.mp4
Introduction to Google Tag Manager
1. What Presidential Politics and the Facebook Pixel Have in Common.mp4
2. [Beginner] How to Add Profiles and Manage Ad Account Collaborators.mp4
3. [Intermediate] How to Set Up Your Facebook Pixel.mp4
Create and Install the Facebook Pixel: A Facebook Ads Tutorial
4. [Intermediate] How to Sync Your Online Inventory with Facebook for Business.mp4
5. [Intermediate] How to Create Product Sets from a Facebook Catalog.mp4
6. Lets Review What You Learned about Facebook for Business Setups.mp4
1. How Project Repat Uses Core, Custom, and Lookalike Audiences.mp4
2. How to Create a Custom Conversions and Custom Audiences.mp4
3. How to Create Lookalike Audiences to Expand Your Reach.mp4
4. Case Study How Hippie Runner Grew Sales by 75x with a Mix of Audiences.mp4
4.1 Read the Hippie Runner Case Study
5. Whats Eazls Rule of 80 for High-quality Interest Targeting.mp4
6. How to Create an Interest-based Core Audience.mp4
8. How to Create Engagement Audiences for On-platform Retargeting.mp4
9. Three Key Takeaways about Facebook and Instagram Audiences.mp4
1. Theres a New Way to Test Creative that Will Save You Hundreds of Hours.mp4
2. (New for 2019) What is Dynamic Creative and How Can You Use It.mp4
3. Case Study How Dynamic Creative Helps Weight Watchers Improve CTRs by 190.mp4
5. Lets Launch a Dynamic Creative Ad Test Together.mp4
6. How to Read the Results of Your Dynamic Creative Ad Test.mp4
7. Lets Reinforce Your Learning about Ad Creative and Dynamic Ads.mp4
1. What are Objective-Driven Ads and Why Does an Objective Matter.mp4
2. (Updated for 2019) Crash Course on Objectives, Ad Sets, and Ad Formats.mp4
3. 5 Facebook Instagram Ad Set Features You Need to Know.mp4
4. Lets Build Your Facebook for Business Ad Management Muscles.mp4
5. Lets Build Local Awareness for a Store or Physical Location.mp4
6. Lets Launch a Split Test Campaign to Find Out Which Audience is More Receptive.mp4
6.1 Access Googles UTM Link Builder
7. Lets Get Leads for an Expensive Product Using Lead Ads.mp4
7.1 Facebook Documentation on Connecting a CRM to Lead Generation Ads
8. Lets Introduce a Brand to an Audience Using the New Canvas and Creative Hub.mp4
8.1 Access a Tool to Find HEX Codes from an Image
8.2 List of the Objectives that Can be Used with a Canvas Ad
9. Lets Growth Hack Customer Service with a Messenger Campaign.mp4
9.1 The Rogers Communications Case Study
10. Three Takeaways from the Ad Launching Exercises You Just Finished.mp4
1. How Many Impressions and Clicks Would You Need to Get 10,000 Sales.mp4
2. Introducing Eazls CRED Facebook for Business Scale Strategy.mp4
3. Step 2 in Action How We Build Retargeting Audiences.mp4
3.2 Best Practices for Formatting Customer Files.html
4. Step 3 in Action How We Build Lookalike Expansion Audiences.mp4
5. Key Takeaways from the Scaling Section.mp4
1. How to Request Your Facebook Instagram Ads 2019 Certificate from Eazl.mp4
2. Lets Review 5 Takeaways about Each Skill You Built in this Course.mp4

What's included

  • 43 Video Lessons
  • 7 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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