Illustrator CC 2019 MasterClass

Master Adobe Illustrator CC with this in-depth training for all levels

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What Will I Learn ?
  • Designing logos
  • Creating vector illustrations
  • Turning photographs into vector artwork
  • Vectorizing and colorizing traced hand drawings
  • Preparing graphics for web and print
  • Designing infographics
  • Working with type in creative ways
  • Mastering advanced Illustrator tools and techniques
  • Learn useful keyboard shortcuts and best practices
  • Practice everything you learn with provided Exercise Files
  • Test your knowledge with quizzes at the end of each chapter
  • Learn Illustrator from the start the way a professional would use it

Requirements :

  • Any version of Adobe Illustrator, preferably not older than Illustrator CS6. Ideally Illustrator CC (Creative Cloud).
  • Prior knowledge is not needed
  • Exercise Files and Study Guides are provided
Description :

Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard vector graphics application that lets you create logos, icons, sketches, typography and complex illustrations for print, web, interactive, video and mobile devices.
In this course we are going to start from the very basics like how to draw circles and rectangles all the way to creating complex illustrations, logos, business cards and so much more. With Illustrator CC MasterClass you will learn the best ways of doing everything in Illustrator so you can be confident which tool or feature to use in every situation.

Who is the target audience ?
  • This course is aimed at anyone who wants to get into the creative industry and gain a rock solid foundation of Illustrator.
  • Although it is providing a beginner to intermediate level learning experience it can be useful for experienced Photoshop users too as there are many self-taught users who are missing out on a lot of techniques and features.

Intended Audience:

Course Curriculum

very important
1. Why learn Illustrator.mp4
2. How to Study.mp4
3. Getting an Adobe Certification.mp4
4. Changes to User Interface in CC 2018.mp4
5. Exercise Files
1. Illustrator Documents.mp4
2. Artboards.mp4
3. Updated Artboards (New in CC 2018).mp4
4. Navigation.mp4
5. Working with Vectors.mp4
6. User Interface.mp4
7. Properties panel (New in CC 2018).mp4
8. Settings.mp4
1. Basic Shapes.mp4
2. Transformations.mp4
3. Combining Shapes.mp4
4. Selection Techniques.mp4
5. Organising Objects.mp4
6. Aligning and Distributing Objects.mp4
6.1 align and distribute
7. Working Precisely.mp4
8. Exercises.mp4
1. Stroke settings.mp4
2. Swatches.mp4
3. Gradients.mp4
4. Appearance panel.mp4
5. Effects.mp4
6. Exercises.mp4
1. Basic Drawing Tools.mp4
2. Drawing Exercise.mp4
3. Coloring.mp4
4. Drawing assistance tools.mp4
5. Draw Inside.mp4
6. Pen Tool.mp4
7. Pen Tool exercise.mp4
8. Pen Tool alternatives.mp4
9. Curvature Tool (New in CC 2018).mp4
10. Distort and Transform tools.mp4
11. Symmetrical drawing.mp4
12. Concentric drawing techniques.mp4
13. Manual tracing exercise.mp4
1. Calligraphic Brushes.mp4
2. Scatter Brushes.mp4
3. Art Brushes.mp4
4. Bristle Brushes.mp4
5. Pattern Brushes.mp4
6. Image Brushes.mp4
1. Working with Images.mp4
2. Preparing simple images for tracing.mp4
3. Preparing complex images for tracing.mp4
4. Image Trace.mp4
5. Improving and Colouring traced images.mp4
1. Character formatting.mp4
2. Paragraph formatting.mp4
3. Using Text styles.mp4
4. Fonts.mp4
5. Variable and SVG Fonts (New in CC 2018).mp4
6. Touch Type.mp4
7. Type on a Path.mp4
8. Type and Shapes.mp4
9. Warp Text.mp4
10. 3D Type.mp4
11. Create Outlines from Text.mp4
12. Image within Text.mp4
13. Text Wrap.mp4
14. Type Exercise.mp4
1. Introduction to Masking.mp4
2. Clipping Mask.mp4
3. Opacity Mask.mp4
4. Masking exercise.mp4
5. Recolor Artwork.mp4
6. Live Paint Bucket.mp4
7. Envelope Distort.mp4
8. Puppet Warp (New in CC 2018).mp4
9. Symbols.mp4
10. Symbol Tools.mp4
11. Graphs.mp4
12. Blending Objects.mp4
13. Creating Patterns.mp4
14. Refining Pattern Design.mp4
15. Gradient Mesh.mp4
16. Perspective Drawing.mp4
1. Saving work for Print.mp4
2. Saving work for Web.mp4
3. Export for Screens.mp4
4. Adobe Apps.mp4
5. Integration with Bridge.mp4
6. CC Libraries.mp4
7. Archiving Projects.mp4
1. Freeform Gradients.mp4
2. Global Edit.mp4
3. Enhanced visual font browsing.mp4
4. User Interface Improvements.mp4
5. Viewing Improvements.mp4
1. Building Your Portfolio.mp4
2. Conclusion.mp4
3. PDF Resources
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